What is Getaways?

Getaways is a content platform with audio recordings with a maximum of 10 minutes length, which can be heard anywhere in the hotel from the phone, tablet or TV in the room.

Do customers have to pay anything to use this service? How many times will they be able to listen to the audio recordings?

This depends on each hotel, it is designed so that the service is included in the booking. They will be able to listen to the audio recordings as many times as they want and from anywhere during their stay.

In which languages are the audio recordings available?

Navigation is available in Spanish and English and the audio recordings are be available in several languages, depending on which ones each property wants to activate.

Can they connect with the same user from different devices?

Yes, they can log in from any of the compatible devices (smartphone, tablet or smart tv) during their stay.

What will happen when they leave the hotel? Will they have access to the platform?

Los servicios de Getaways are available at all times but only during their hotel stay.

How much does Getaways cost?

This depends on the number of rooms your property has.

Get in touch with us and our sales team will be able to guide you.

Contact us at info@theholisticgetaways.com

What is it for?

Getaways With our audio recordings they can escape, recharge or rest.

With our audio recordings you can escape, recharge your vitality or rest your body and mind. You choose the one that best suits what you need at all times.

In addition, we have special content suitable for children from 4 to 10 years old.

How can they access?

It is very easy, you must scan the QR code that is in the facilities with your device and register. The process is very simple, it only takes a minute.

Where can they connect to Getaways from?

They will be able to access the platform through any of their devices (mobile, tablet, computer) and the TV in the room.

If a client has problems with access, what do I do?

Check that they are correctly scanning the QR codes that are in the hotel facilities. Instruct them to check the internet connection and and again. If they continue to experience difficulties, you can write to us at team@theholisticgetaways.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Do they have to unsubscribe from the service when they leave?

No, the account will remain active and they will be able to retrieve it on their next visit.
However, in their profile they can manually cancel their account whenever they want.

How do I contract the service?

If you are interested in hiring the Getaways service for your hotel, contact us and our sales team will send you a proposal.

Contact us at info@theholisticgetaways.com

In which countries is it available?

is a universal website, it does not require downloads and is therefore accessible by anyone from any geographical location

Only internet connection is needed.

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